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Lake Garda (Lago di Garda)

Lake Garda is located in nothern Italy, on the border of Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. Due to its natural beauty, impressive scenery and reliable thermal winds, Lake Garda is one of the most popular windsurfing spots in Europe.

There are two kinds of wind here: Ora and Vento. The Ora is a thermal wind which blows from the South at around noon or in the early afternoon. It develops when the sun heats up the mountain ranges to the North (the Alps) which causes the air to rise. The Ora usually reaches around 4-5 Beaufort on the northern part of Garda Lake near Torbole and Riva.

The Vento (also called Peler) is a nothern wind which blows early in the morning. During the night the mountains cool off and the warm air retreats to the Po valley in the south. A difference in temperature between the cold mountains and the warm valley creates this wind, which flows southward through the Lake Garda valley. The Vento can reach up to 6-7 Beauforts. It looses in strength as the sun heats up the mountains. So you have to get up early, if you want to catch the Vento.

Lake Garda map

Windsurfing on Lake Garda

There are plenty of windsurf stations on Lake Garda, where you can rent the equipment. Here is some information:

Surf Center Marco Segnana ( - several stations at the best spots of Garda. The main station is near the Sarca river mouth between Torbole and Riva, the second near Hotel Paradiso on the road exiting from Torbole towards Malcesine. The third is at Riva del Garda at Camping Bavaria and the fourth - at the Lido beach of Lake Molveno. Mistral, North Sails.

Vasco Renna Surf Center ( - located in the centre of Torbole. Fanatic boards, Gaastra sails.

Circolo Surf Torbole (

Surf Center Lido Blu ( - located on the right hand side on the Sarca river entering the lake. Equipment: Starboard and Hot Sails Maui.

Kitesurfing on Lake Garda

Kitesurfing becomes more and more popular on Lago di Garda. You can meet a lot of kitesurfers, as well as several facilities for renting, repairing, especially in the northern-eastern area of the lake. Malcesine is a good spot for kitesurfing on Lake Garda.

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